Past events

December 13th 7:30pm 7th Avenue Performances
November 28th Novato Christmas Performance
November 20th Corte Madera Christmas Performance
August 24th The First Six August 15th People in Plazas free performance
August 8th St Dominic’s in San Francisco
July 1st Gershwin & Joplin for Salon97
June 14th 3-4pm Noe Valley
June 19th Asian Arts Museum
May 30th Novato Performance
May 29th SF Public Works event
May 24th Recital at Transfiguration Episcopal
May 24th Lillian Yee’s Recital
May 21st American Immigration Council ‘Celebrate America’
May 16th Red Bennett’s recital
May 15th Nick Benavides’ recital
May 9th Outreach Performance for Stern Grove
April 27th Outreach Performance
April 27th Outreach Performance
April 21st SFCM Brass Chamber Music Concert
April 20th Shahab Paranj recital
April 9th SFMoMa gallery opening
March 28th Performance at SF Art institute with Matt Payne
March 27th Outreach Performance
March 25th Outreach Performance
February 9th Performance at Sharp Center
January 6th University Western Ontario Recital Canada
January 5th Concerts at St. Mary’s Detroit
December 22st 2013 Westmount Presbyterian Church Canada
December 21st 2013 7:30pm Riverside Concert Canada
December 17th 2013 Saunders Secondary Performance & workshop Canada
December 16th 2013 Pearson Elementary performance & workshop Canada
December 6th 2013 Hayes Valley Christmas performances
November 15th 2013 Guerrilla Composers Guild Concert
November 13th Performance & workshop at Menlo School
November 12th Cafe Revolution Performance
October 15th ILBTrio Recital
October 12th Guerrilla Composers Workshop
October 7th SF Towers Performance
September 27nd Presidio Middle School Fundraiser Concert
September 26th SF Bistro Grill
September 22th Presidio Middle School Fundraiser Concert
Thursday 29th August SF Bistro Grill
Friday 9th August Novato Concert
August 5th 2013 Cafe Revolution
July 26th 2013 Novato Concert
June 16th 2013 The Carlisle Performance
June 15th 2013 Noe Valley Performance
May 16th 2013 performing on Jess Rodda’s recital
April 27th 2013 performing on Jeff Dittmer’s recital